As North America’s leading builder of motor coaches, MCI understands that finding skilled technicians has become increasingly difficult. Technical school graduates most often choose the trucking industry, and those who do arrive at charter and tour companies typically have little motor coach knowledge. Training usually falls to the hiring company.

       MCI can help. Properly trained personnel represent a superior return on investment, contributing to increased coach availability with faster repair times, fewer road failures and reduced expenditures on unnecessary parts.

       MCI Academy is the result of our history and expertise at training. In 2007, MCI established the National Training Center at our parts distribution center in Louisville, Kentucky, where we host the popular, hands-on Technical Tune-Up training events. In 2008, we launched our award-winning webinar series led by expert MCI trainers and OEM representatives.

       In February 2015, MCI debuted an online, anytime training program called the Learning Management System. Today, LMS has more than 3,900 registered users and a growing library of more than 400 courses dedicated to major coach components and systems.

       MCI Academy combines all of these training platforms, plus others. With training opportunities including Systems Qualifications, students can progress through the program, ultimately getting an MCI Level 1 Certificate. Technicians can additionally earn diplomas in specialties related to critical coach systems such as HVAC and Electrical.


MCI Academy is committed to providing the highest quality training available in the motor coach industry for all levels of technicians using online courses, classroom sessions, written tests and practical skills demonstration. This training will equip professionals with the knowledge and skills to properly maintain, diagnose and repair systems found on MCI coaches to maximize on-road time, passenger safety and operator profitability.




(Learning Management System)




   The Learning Management System (LMS) is the base system for all training programs available at MCI Academy. The LMS creates an account and a transcript for each student and documents all training activity. LMS requires the student to take a quiz at the end of each course, passing with an 80% (or 90% on the Meritor courses). The student may retake the quiz as many times as necessary to pass. When passed, LMS automatically updates the student’s transcript and issues a personalized Certificate of Completion. A completed course may be repeated as a refresher course without the quiz.

   The LMS also has a reporting feature that allows the company’s management to track training activity. Reports can be customized in any format that is useful for a manager’s needs.

   Accounts are grouped by companies, and their students are placed into these groups. Active students must be employed by an MCI customer. If a student leaves the company, the student’s account will be disabled but not deleted. The account can be reactivated should the student return or become employed by another operator of MCI coaches.

   To create an LMS account, please use the link below to download the form and then email the form to




From basic to advanced training, MCI has you covered with a variety of options.


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